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The Coiltech Strip Footage Counter Kit is designed to be fitted onto existing slitting and strip processing lines for the measurement of coil lengths.  It is simple and inexpensive, accurate, easy to install, and requires no maintenance.

The kit includes an eight digit desktop type electronic readout, a rotary pulse contactor with a surface measuring wheel, and a universal mount for installing the pulse contactor and measuring wheel onto the coil processing line.  No electrical connections are required since the Strip Footage Counter is powered by a replaceable 3V lithium battery.  The battery life is approximately five years.

The universal mount must be installed on the line where the measuring wheel can be rotated by the strip.  The mounting location should shield the device from destruction by the strip head and tail ends.  A common mounting location is the line exit pass line roll because the pass line roll has positive contact with, and is positively rotated by the strip.  Another common mounting location is on the slitter where the measuring wheel can ride on a slitter knife.  The slitter location must allow the universal mount to be moved sideways to align with various knife set-ups.  Once installed, the Strip Footage Counter will display the strip footage on the remote digital readout.  A reset button clears and resets the digital display.

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