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The Coiltech Precision Electronic Servo feed is designed to transform a slow and inaccurate "hump table" type cut-to-length line into a high production close tolerance cut-to-length/blanking line.  The Electronic Servo Feed incorporates "state-of-the-art" microprocessor technology to produce blanks and sheets to precise lengths at high production rates.  capable of producing 100 parts per minute, the Coiltech Precision Servo Feed is a model of simplicity and reliability.  A high torque brushless AC servo motor drives a pair of air cylinder clamped strip feed rolls through a zero backlash gear reducer, while a powerful microprocessor communicates with a precision position resolver to accelerate, decelerate, and position the feed rolls to within plus/minus 0.005" accuracy.  The Coiltech Servo Feed is a heavy, solidly built piece of equipment that takes full advantage of advanced microprocessor technology to eliminate the myriad of moving mechanical parts associated with precision blanking line feed equipment.  No hydraulic pumps, no oil coolers, no leaky hoses, no chains, no reciprocating parts, no adjusting screws, no positive stops, no shock absorbers.  High production, precision blanks, and minimal maintenance are dividends derived from a Coiltech Precision Electronic Servo Feed.


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